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I wonder who is calling this early. I do not know this number, chikwereti? Let me answer – Hello, you want to speak to Fari? I’m sorry he has gone into town. Can I take a message? Chipo from Mutare? I will tell him. How can this boy give his friends my cell number? Friend?Continue reading “Shopping”

At work

I am free the first two periods. That should give me ample time to mark the exercise that I gave to form two South. Ah, why did I give them so much work? Considering the salary that I get three sentences are enough instead of the ten I gave them. But that is wrong. ItContinue reading “At work”


I have to get up and prepare for work . These sheets feel as if they have sand on them . And I always claim that  I had a good night’s  sleep? Next time I will buy from Meikles  or Edgars.No,I cannot do that.Fork out $3 million for a pair of sheets!Let me remove someContinue reading “#1”

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